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Event Start Date: 27 May 2010

Event End Date: 30 May 2010

Venue: IMM Shopping Mall , Garden Plaza

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Pauline comes from the ornamental fish capital of the world - Singapore. Although born and bred there, she received her university education in the US. She is a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Bachelor of Science graduate.

She was exposed to the ornamental fish trade at a tender age of 16, thanks to her father who was then one of the pioneers of the ornamental fish industry.

Pauline is the first Asian as well as the first woman to assumethe position of vice president of OFI.

In 1999, she created a milestone in the ornamental fish industry by embarking on biotechnology. Today, she is synonymous with the world's first oral multi-component fish vaccine harnessed from recombinant DNA technology.

She strongly champions the cause of ethical industry practices especially in Asia where she has been enlightening the media on the broader issues relating to the commercialisation of transgenic fish.

She is trilingual and hopes to use her indigenous foundation in South East Asia to bridge the cultural divide between the ornamental fish industries of the East and the West.